Friday, April 3, 2009

Make a Screenshot Off Your PC or Laptop

How to Make a Picture From a Screenshot How to Make a Screenshot Quickly and Easily.

This is a very simple way to make a screenshot of anything, anywhere, anytime on Your Personal computer or Laptop.

Many of you have struggled with trying to find a way to get a picture of a web shot to use weather it be for use in a document, a desk top picture or even for use in a program you may have on your Laptop or personal computer, referred to as your PC.

First and foremost I must tell you I am a big picture freak anyone who knows me knows that, I love my pictures. Then secondly I am a PC junky and even tote my Laptop around from time to time as well. I am what they call a PC addict.

I often wonder do they have a PC addiction anonymous. It could be PCAA Personal Computer Addiction Anonymous, a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from Personal Computer Addiction. Our only goal is to achieve a reasonable amount of offline life & appear as normal as we possibly can while doing so.

This weekend I will be leading by example by spending time with my loving family as apposed to indulging in my selfish addiction of checking my endless number of web sites that I am a mindless drone of a member of. I will be doing my best to enjoy myself all the while missing my online friends all weekend while sipping a glass of wine or downing a few beers listening to the fair is in town conversation and trying to ovoid having to go to every booth or on every ride with a large smile upon my Internet deprived face. All in the name of PCAA I shall represent this wonderful group and remain offline for a number of long weekend hours, a sacrifice I am wiling to make just to take one for the team er group lol.

Okay sorry just had to have a bit of fun.

Let us get on with it. All right back on the topic of capturing a screenshot. The first thing that hangs me up when I am working on a picture is not having the correct program for the job at hand. With that said I feel the best photo viewing program out there has to be IrfanView . That is why I featured it on my web site today because it is one of my favorite programs ever and the fact it is free makes me love it all the more.

That is of course just my opinion the program you use to view your pictures is of course up to you. Any program you want to use to view your photo will work just fine. The first thing you will need for capturing a screenshot will be to open your photo viewing software on your PC. Now once this program loads go ahead and click your minimize button, the minus sign in the right hand top corner of your screen we will come back to use this program later.

You can use any program you have that you use for working with your pictures, I however am using my favorite program for doing simple, quick cropping and editing. The thing I like about Irfanview is the simple design of the program with a tool bar at the top consisting of drop downs with endless properties you can use to change and manipulate your pictures.

usability of the program is just beautiful and straight foreword I love that. Being a simple gal myself that is the most appealing feature to me with open it and use it right away simplicity with out reading long instructions or studying for hours on how to crop a single photo. by the way you can crop a batch of photos as well but that a whole different subject.

On to the next thing, now you will need to go open IE, Internet Explorer, or Firefox or Google Chrome what ever program you are browsing the internet with go ahead and open an internet window. Then find a picture you want to have a screen shot of. The picture I will use will be the HubPages logo.

Now once you are on the picture you want a screenshot of look at the top of your key board. Yes I said look at your key board. Look along the top row of keys until you see a key called or labeled PrtScn or SysRq or Insert it should be the third key or so from the right on the top row.

I think some of you see where this is going but you are like okay what next, others of you are slapping your forehead right now saying on my gosh! To the -oh my gosh people well you could at least leave me a comment before you close the window to go print screen your little hearts out lol just kidding.

For those of you still following me now you can push that PrtScn or SysRq or Insert button.

Next go to that open program that you use to view your pictures. Once you have your program open you can click edit then click paste or you can push your Ctrl button PLUS your letter V button. Your picture should be there. I love short cuts. Now you can manipulate your picture all you want. Then save your picture in what ever folder you chose or even create a new folder to put it in.